Storage and Moving Supplies

We have moving and packing supplies available for sale in our office. You’ll find common storage and packing supplies, including boxes, locks, tape, and more. 

Following is the list of Storage Supplies available at our facilities:


PackRite Crystal Clear Tape - $3.97
PackRite NewsPrint - $21.99
PackRite Stretch Wrap 5x1000 - $10.49
PackRite Stretch Wrap 20x1000 - $24.99
Defense2 Disc Lock - $9.99 
PackRite Small Box - $1.29 
PackRite Medium Box - $2.29 
PackRite Large Box - $3.29 
PackRite Wardrobe Moving Kit - $46.79 
PackRite Dispenser with Tape - $11.69
Mattress bags are given for FREE to each tenant if they are storing a mattress. Please visit our office to take a look at our supplies collections.