Rentals at StorCo Self Storage

StorCo Self Storage offers wide selection of Storage Spaces at an affordable price. All the Spaces are Climate Controlled.  Rents of Units on Second floor is 5% lower than units on First floor.

3x5 51.5
5x5 62
6x7 72.5
5x10 83
5x14 104
10x8 105
10x10 126
5x20 126
15x7 132
7x15 132
10x12 141
10x15 162
10x20 209

Admin fees of $20 is collected on every new rental. Late fees of $25 is applied 5 days after the account is past due.

We also offer Protection Plan options on our web rentals and in-store rentals. Protection Plans are mandatory to rent a unit. 

$9 Protection Plan - $2000 Coverage

$10 Protection Plan - $3000 Coverage

$12 Protection Plan - $5000 Coverage

If you have your own insurance or protection plan with you