Storage Types

Boat and RV Storage

We have two types of boat and RV storage, depending on the facility: outdoor, and indoor. Most of our spaces are outdoor within the gates of our facilities. Both will keep your vehicle safe from vandals and thieves. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements in an outdoor spot, so we encourage you to wax and get a cover for it, if possible. Indoor units cost more to rent but protect your boat or RV from sunlight, rain, snow, hail, and wind.

Climate-Controlled Storage

The climate in Missouri ranges from temperatures in the 90s in the summer to below freezing in the winter. With the hot weather, we often get highs in humidity, and with the cold weather, the air gets dry. That’s why our units come with climate control. This isn’t exactly the same as air conditioning in your home, which is meant to keep you comfortable. Instead, climate control in a storage unit keeps the temperature between about 50 and 80 degrees and the humidity between about 30 and 50 percent, conditions ideal for your stored belongings.

Business Storage

More and more these days, retail businesses of all sizes are learning the advantages of renting a self storage unit. You may not always have room in your store for extra inventory. Or, if you run a business from home, you may have a small room full of sales items taking up valuable space. Rent a climate-controlled unit from StorCo and keep that inventory safe and in great shape before you sell it. Keep in mind that self storage space rents for less per square foot than retail or residential space and can help your business save money.