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5 Great Places to Live in O'Fallon, MO

Harrison Yates | June 22, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Between St Peters and Lake, St. Louis is O’Fallon, Missouri, a city of 89,000 residents with low unemployment. This city has hot, humid summers with average daytime highs around 88 degrees and nighttime lows around 66 degrees, and cool winters with average daily temperatures around 55 and nightly lows around 35 degrees. You’ll find lots of open areas and plenty of greenery, urban, suburban, and rural places, plenty of shopping, and fun activities.

The city leans conservative, and the average home price here is $241,500. Our favorite neighborhoods have higher prices, but we think they’re worth checking out. Be sure to check out our other article where we discuss our other top 4 neighborhoods in O'Fallon


All Saints Village

Median home price: $362,944. Average rent: $1,407. Considered an urban neighborhood, but driving the streets, you’ll get a suburban feel. You’ll find lots of beautiful homes with wide lawns, though the streets tend to the narrow side. Some streets have a lot of space between homes.

Medium to large homes, 3 bedrooms or more. Townhomes, single-family homes. Owners live in their homes. Residences built from 1970 to now. With the low vacancy rate of around 2%, gotta really look for a home here. Just about 2%. 

Public schools: Dardenne Elementary School, Hope High School, North Middle School. Three minutes from St. Charles Community College. Lots of parks in the area, including the large Woodlands Sports Park. Golf nearby at Old Hickory Golf Club.

Lots of people in management and professional jobs, fewer in service jobs and manufacturing jobs, clerical, tech.


Route P / Mette Rd

Want to stay in O’Fallon but feel like you’re living out in the country? This may be the area for you and your family. The Route P / Mette Rd. neighborhood is as rural as you’ll find. Here, the median home price is $359,670 while the average rent is $1,115. Most of the houses in the area are three bedrooms and larger, and the area has mostly owner-occupied single-family homes and mobile homes.

Most of the schools are ten to twenty minutes away, including Mount Hope Elementary School, North Middle School, and Hope High School. As such, this may be a little better for couples without children.

About a third of the people who live here work in management and professional jobs, another third in manufacturing and labor, and the rest in service or clerical jobs.


Route 40 / Route K

The Route 40 / Route K neighborhood in O’Fallon is a lovely suburban area with big uniform homes with wide lawns. Most of the houses here have a few trees planted on their property. The median home price here is $357,668, while the median rent is $1,340. Homes here comprise single-family homes with three or more bedrooms and apartments, built from the 1970s to the present.

Restaurants in the neighborhood include The Brass Rail Steakhouse, Cracker Barrel, and Kitaro Bistro of Japan. You’ll find major shopping centers ten minutes away.

Schools in the area include John Weldon Elementary School, Fort Zumwalt West Middle School, and Fort Zumwalt West High School. Enjoy visiting local parks, or spend some time playing the holes at Pheasant Run Golf Course.

About 60% of the adults here work in executive and professional jobs, 18% in sales and service, and the rest in clerical and tech support.


Mexico Rd / Turtle Creek Dr

Don’t be surprised when you drive through this neighborhood, in reality or virtually on Google Maps, and discover the streets of two- and three-story homes. You won’t see them on every street, but you’ll find enough. The median home price here is $328,784, while the average rent is $1,292.

Most of the houses have three to four bedrooms, but you’ll also find apartments and mobile homes that range from studios to two bedrooms. Most of the places here are owner-occupied.

This neighborhood is home to The Falls Golf Club where you can enjoy a few games, take lessons, and even get lessons for your kids’ ages five and up.

Rock Creek Elementary School and Fort Zumwalt High School are right in the neighborhood, but there are other schools just minutes away, including North Middle School.

Nearly half of those who live here work in management and executive positions, about a quarter in service, and the others in manufacturing, labor, clerical, and technical support.


Little Oaks Dr / Twin Chimneys Blvd

Here’s another lovely place to live in O’Fallon. We encountered an interesting statistic that we think is important to point out. While the median home price here is $321,283, commensurate with the other neighborhoods we’ve listed, the rent is high at $3,779. Keep that in mind when looking for a place to live here or nearby.

The Little Oaks Dr./ Twin Chimneys Blvd. neighborhood is an urban area with a tight suburban feel. There are large homes, three bedrooms and higher, as well as apartment complexes, and most of the homes are owner-occupied. The streets are narrow, but the lawns are fairly big and there are a lot of pretty trees.

Shops at Laura Hill, the O’Fallon Walk Shopping Center, Pheasant Point Shopping Center, and others are less than ten minutes away, so there are plenty of nearby spots to hit a restaurant or a grocery store.

Nearby schools include Ostmann Elementary School, Fort Zumwalt West Middle School, and Fort Zumwalt West High School.

About half of the adults in this neighborhood work in management and executive positions, 27% in service jobs, 14% in technical and clerical jobs, 7.5% in manufacturing and labor positions.


Wherever you settle down in O’Fallon, remember that StorCo is here for your storage needs. Use us for your off-season wardrobe, your business overstock, or your seasonal decorations. Whatever the case, we’re happy to serve you.

Harrison Yates
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